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About HD ProFitness

The HD ProFitness Method is built on the philosophy that athletic performance training isn’t just for athletes. Our approach to fitness operates at the highest levels because its science-based, adaptive, and measurable. 


  1. Custom Programming or Semi-Custom Training(Classes) with a combination of HIIT, resistance training, and cardiovascular training. 

  2. High Focus on Impacting Your NEAT Metabolism through our BIG 3 EAT RIGHT, TRAIN RIGHT, REST RIGHT

  3. Prevention and Function, A fit body is adapted to handle the load and rigors of training. If you're not strong you get hurt and HURT DON'T WORK. We bulletproof your body by developing balanced strength and function.


HD Profitness prides itself on results-driven programming. Our training is designed with you in mind. We have a community of members that train hard and support each other. Having a network of support and guidance separates HD ProFit from the pack. Life long bonds are created in training and this allows anyone of any fitness level to join, train, and gain.  


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I just wanted to thank you for going above and beyond as an instructor. Ever since I joined your group fitness class ,I have seen changes in my body both muscle definition as well as the progress I have made being able to do each of the workouts as they get harder and more challenging. It has been an amazing experience right from the beginning and even now during this difficult time of the Covid pandemic. Your dedication for going that extra mile to help keep us in shape and constantly motivated while making us feel strong both mentally and physically is greatly appreciated!