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Bio-mechanics are only part of the story

Neurology states that the body will always try to move through the path of least resistance.

This poses an issue for sprinting at high levels because, high level sprinting isn't normal to the human body. If it were everyone would be able to do it like distance running. The human body is a highly effective distance running machine. We are one of the slowest land mammal yet our ability to run for long distances are unmatched.

This goes hand in hand with the concept that sprinting is a skill and running is innate. This brings me to he point of bio-mechanics. I spoke to Ralph Mann ins 2012 and he said two things:

1) When an athlete doesn't feel they need the backside motion for propulsion they will stop using it as a means to run faster.

2) If he asks a guy what he squats and the guy says he did reps with the water tower, he knows that by properly directing that force through bio-mechanics they will run significantly faster.

This means an athlete with all the necessary strength will be able to maximize bio-mechanics while others attempting to run or perform like elite sprinters will have to develop not only the baseline strength but, the specific strength to support a front-side running style. This isn't even speak about athletes in team sports that have been taught to run low or squatted and have developed a wealth of lateral movement and very little linear propulsion.

Understanding how the body works is the start because, "correcting" bio-mechanics require and understand of the bodies mechanisms. Understanding only the movement and not the body will put the coach and the athlete at a competitive disadvantage. If you have ever dealt with athletes with different physical conditions you understand that if the goal is speed, exercise selection and primary goal are more important than any supplemental exercises.

That being said neglecting bio-mechanics all together is also a mistake. Looking at it like a square with speed/coordination, strength/mobility, mental focus/wellness and bio-mechanics seems to allow for athletes to be successful and have longevity. Each athletes is different, some will need more strength/mobility, other more mental focus/wellness. If these KPI's aren't properly checked the athlete will struggle to maximize his/her potential.

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