Golden Eagles Track Club

A Little Speed Offers A Lot of Opportunities

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HD Golden Eagles Track Club

Canada's only program designed by a Division I Coach.


HD Speed Training

A little Speed Offers a lot of Opportunities

-Ages 8-18
-Science based and Age Appropriate
-Sprint Mechanics
-Change of Direction
-Mindset Management
-Functional Strength Development

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HD Holistic Fitness

Take care of your body and it will take care of you

-Mass Gain
-Weight Loss
-Return to Play
-Introductory Lifting program
-Small Group Functional Training
-Zoom coaching
-Meal Plans


Letter from HD

Greetings and welcome to HD Performance Group. We are excited to have you join us on your journey in human performance. I'm HD Director of the 1080Speed program and HD ProFitness. I'm a former Team USA World team coach in track and field. Since 2003, my team and I have been providing speed programs and wellness coaching in the Jacksonville Florida community. In 2009 we began working with university athletes and Olympic level athletes. This experience allowed us to refine and scale training to adults seeking weight loss, physique goals, or athletes seeking a scholarship. You don't have to be an athlete, to use athletic principles to train. Our approach is holistic, movement focused, and results-driven. 
The HD Profitness system and the 1080 Speed program are science-based and tailored to suit the needs of our members. From strategic planning to innovative solutions, our focus is always on building a more efficient machine. Thank you for coming along with us on this journey.


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